Employee Enrollment For Health Card Under Ehs Scheme-Step By Step Process


The purpose of the document is to make the user understand how to get enrolled in the EHS scheme. Employee once enrolled under the scheme will be issued Health Card and avail the benefit. If not enrolled, he/she cannot avail the benefits under the scheme. The document will give a complete screen shots of how the employee needs to enroll under the scheme. The guidelines of the scheme is inbuilt in the software application so that it will guide the user on how to get enrolled under the scheme.

• Aadhaar card/Aadhaar enrolment card SELF (Scanned copies)
• 1 & 2 pages of old service register (or) pages 4 and 5 of new service register with your          name etc. clearly visible
• Date of birth certificate (not mandatory)
• Passport size photo (45 mm x 35 mm ICAO compliant)

• Disability Certificate, If you are disabled

• Aadhaar card/Aadhaar enrolment card

DEPENDENTS (Scanned copies) :

• Passport size photo (45 mm x 35 mm ICAO compliant )

• Birth certificate in case of children below 5 years.
• Disability Certificate, if disabled
• Click on Sign-in (Top right side of the screen)
• Your user ID is: your Employee ID( available with your DDO)
• Password is also: Your Employee ID(i.e. user ID as above)
• After login: change your password
• Enter your ‘mobile number’
• New password will be sent to your mobile as message
• After you sign-in: Click on "Registrations" at the left side
• Then click on : "Initiate Health Card"
• Now click on : Aadhaar No/ Aadhaar Enrolment No, as the case may be
• Enter Aadhaar number / Aadhaar Enrolment number as indicated below:
a. Aadhaar Number has 12 digits. If you have Aadhaar Card, enter
these 12 digit number in the Aadhaar number box.
b. If you have only Aadhaar Enrolment Acknowledgement, please check the 14 digit "Enrolment number" on the left hand side of the Acknowledgement copy obtained upon Aadhar registration. Fill this 14 digit number in the EHF e-form under Identification details Eg: Enrolment No. 1111/15210/02106. Please fill in this 14 digit number in the EHF e-form under "Identification Details" as 11111521002106.
c. Please check the "Dated" column on the right hand side of the acknowledgment copy along with the time-stamp in the format: Date (2 digits)/month (2 digits)/year (4 digits), and hours (2 digits): minutes (2 digits): seconds (2 digits), a total of 14 digits.
d. Convert this into a continuous number by writing "Dated" from right to left without slashes and time without colons as in the below example: Eg: Date: 11/08/2011 16:48:44 should be converted as 20110811164844.
e. Please provide the number so obtained, in continuation to the 14 digit Enrolment No. The 28 digit Enrolment ID is made up of 14 digit Enrolment number and date & Time Stamp. Eg. 1111152100210620110811164844
f. Enter this 28 digit number in the ‘Adhaar enrolment number’ box.

• Now click on "Retrieve Details"
• Application form appears
• Enter the details as required
Note: The date of birth recorded in ‘Aadhar data base’ will automatically get displayed in the date of birth column of the application. This is not editable.
If the date of birth is not recorded in the ‘Aadhar data base’, the date of birth has to be manually entered in the date of birth column of the application.
• After entering details ' Save '
• Then click on " Add attachments "
 Before uploading attachments see that their size is below 200KB. You can reduce the resolution while scanning.
 You can compress the picture through 'edit option' in MS Office picture manager (or) MS-Paint, so that memory size will be below 200KB
 Remember to name the attachments without spaces or special characters and also to identify easily while uploading
• Now add family members by clicking 'Add beneficiary'
• Upload photo & Aadhaar Card of family members
• Verify the correctness of the details
• If there are any errors in attachments you may select by clicking in the box next to it and click ' remove attachment' option and now browse and add correct attachment in correct place.
Note: you are responsible for furnishing correct details of dependent family members in the online enrolment application. Any false declarations will entail disciplinary action against you.
• ‘Save’ the enrolment form
• Now 'submit' the application by clicking “Submit application” tab
• After clicking 'submit' application option you cannot edit any data.
• You will receive the following message on your mobile:
"Application Submitted Successfully; your health card enrolment ID:..;
Your signed application uploading is pending"
• Now ‘print’ the Application Form
• Sign the printed application and make a scan copy
• Now you may need to login again as the session may expire.
• Now upload signed application by clicking "add attachment"
• Now 'submit application for approval'
• Task will be sent to your DDO login.
• Now you will receive one more message on your mobile, as indicated below:
"Application Submitted successfully with enrollment ID EMP… and
Pending with DDO.... code"
• If the DDO rejects your application, you will receive a message on your mobile.
• Then you need to login again and you can edit for minor changes or reset and feed data afresh if there are major changes.
• The details or attachments of the Beneficiary will become editable only after the employee clicks the 'save' option ('Add beneficiary' option and 'remove' option beside the beneficiary details will now be seen).
• Click on “Submit application”.
• Print the application, sign and upload scanned signed-copy.
• Click on “Submit for approval” tab. The application reaches the DDO Login.
• If approved by the DDO you will receive the following message "Health Card Enrollment Application Approved by DDO code"
• When your Health Card is ready, you will receive an intimation on your mobile.